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Who We Are

About Next Thing Networks Ltd

Welcome to Next Thing Networks Ltd, your leading provider of wireless and wired internet services in Kenya. Our journey began in the vibrant community of Mlolongo, where we recognized a critical need for reliable internet connectivity in both business and residential areas that had been overlooked by major ISPs.

Driven by a passion to bridge this gap, Next Thing Networks Ltd was founded with a clear vision: to deliver world-class internet services that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive in the digital age. We are proud to have been awarded the Application Service Provider (ASP) license, granting us the privilege and responsibility to fulfill this mission.

Everyone Asked

Why Choose Us

Fast Speed

Choose Next Thing Networks for blazing-fast internet speeds up to 80Mbps. Stream, game, and browse without limits.

Instant Installation

Enjoy hassle-free setup with free installation from Next Thing Networks. Get connected effortlessly today!

Flexible Tariff Plans

Discover freedom with our flexible tariff plans at Next Thing Networks. Tailor your internet experience to fit your needs

24/7 Support

Count on us anytime, anywhere. Next Thing Networks offers 24/7 support for all your internet needs.

Technology Used

Our Technology Used


Fiber Optical Cable

At Next Thing Networks, we utilize cutting-edge fiber optic cables for lightning-fast internet speeds and unmatched reliability.


Networking equipment

Next Thing Networks relies on top-tier networking equipment for seamless connectivity and superior performance.


Advanced software solutions

Next Thing Networks utilizes cutting-edge software solutions to optimize connectivity and enhance performance for our customers


Multy Monitoring

Next Thing Networks employs advanced monitoring systems to ensure seamless and reliable internet connections around the clock


Cloud-Based Networking

Next Thing Networks utilizes cloud-based networking for seamless, scalable connectivity


Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Next Thing Networks optimizes performance with Software-Defined Networking (SDN), ensuring agile and efficient network management.